The Safer way to pierce ears

  • CAFLON Ltd Ear Piercing Systems is being continually assessed by Analytical Services in the production of articles which conform to EC NICKEL DIRECTIVE 2004/96/EC which is designed to reduce the development of allergic contact dermatitis to nickel.
  • Certified Sterile and designed to meet all the requirements of the British Health Authority
  • Caflon ear studs are made from hypoallergenic material meaning they do not cause allergies or irritations
  • The World Best Selling Ear Piercing Systems
  • As an International Company operating in the business of Ear-Piercing instrument our reputation for high standards is our business

Ear Piercing instrument and studs selection

SafeTec Ear Piercing instrument and Studs selection


  • Caflon exhibit in Worldwide Cosmetology, fashion, Beauty, medical, tattoo and Jewelry Convention